Donuticus is probably the greatest member on the forum. Also he is very, very British and adores the show Doctor Who.

'Donut rocks!' - Supergirl

Donuticus the MemberEdit

Donuticus is the greatest member on the forum. He is always around to make comments on his view of the world and the forum, He is also on hand when ever something he does not like is happening, for he will keep banging on about it until he is listened to...

Donut is a big fan of '...'

Donut hates long walks on the beach, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Donut is also obsessed with England.

'I always listen and act on the superior advice of Donut' - Triplezero

Donuticus the RP'ing MasterEdit

Donuticus is (Probably) widely seen as the super, ultimate lord of RP'ing. He is responsible for many of the forums most popular RP's such as:

The Fantasy RP

The Original Superhero RP

Nuclear Dystopia

And many more...

He has also taken up many different RP'ing characters and made incredible storylines with them:

The Fraser Arc - Which saw the almost end of the entire DC Multiverse.

The Shadow Controller Arc - Sparked a war which brought Gotham into ruins.

The Calculator Arc - Nearly killed the' B'atman (Would have had it not been for godmodding...)

And many, many more...Mostly Darkwood ones.